The Meating Room


Past crimes will haunt you

When Thomas Magner’s business partner is found dead in his car in the outskirts of St. Andrews, all evidence points to suicide. Meanwhile Magner, a wealthy property developer, is under investigation for a series of alleged rapes almost thirty years ago. In total, eleven women are prepared to go to court to testify against Magner but one by one they withdraw their complaints until only six remain.

With the Procurator Fiscal now reconsidering her case, one of the remaining accusers is found brutally murdered in her home. Even though Magner’s alibi is rock solid, DCI Andy Gilchrist is convinced he is somehow responsible. But as Gilchrist and his sidekick DS Jessie Janes dig deeper, they begin to expose Magner’s murky past, and uncover a horrifying secret that has lain dormant for decades.

Was Magner a serial rapist in his youth? Or something much worse?

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