Hand for a Hand


MURDER – It’s the only word on a note clutched by the dismembered hand found on the Old Course in St. Andrews, Scotland. The grotesque case turns frightening when DCI Andy Gilchrist learns the note is addressed to him. Though no new hand at solving murders, Gilchrist is overwhelmed by the flood of seemingly unconnected crises – the note, the hand, his son’s missing girlfriend, his ex-wife’s failing health, and his boss’s decision to team him with a scumbag detective from his past, with secrets of his own. The case turns terrifying when other body parts are served up to Gilchrist, piece by slaughtered piece.

What critics are saying about HAND FOR A HAND

“Terse, dark, and ultimately very scary… Gilchrist’s failings and his subsequent attempts to reach out to his loved ones make for a memorable, draining read.”
Library Journal

“…steadily ratchets up the tension…”
Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine

What readers are saying about HAND FOR A HAND

“After reading this one, I fully intend to buy every book Muir publishes from now on. They are superb.”

“I enjoyed this book even more than the first. The story is darker and more gruesome…”

“A well paced, well judged and very absorbing romp of a detective novel. Recommended
to those who love the crime thriller genre.”

“…even more captivating than #1, even more plot twists for Gilchrist to dissect…”

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